V Energy

V Energy

Spreading joy and driving brand affinity through a transformational Branded Hashtag Challenge

The Objective

Australia's favourite energy source, V Energy, wanted to engage a new community of users to help bring the brand ethos "Make it Happen" to life. In the lead up to Summer, V Energy needed a way to spread joy, reach a younger audience and drive brand affinity and preference.

The Solution

V Energy created two TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenges over a three-month period using the the hashtag #VMakeItHappen. Both drove the key message of positive vibes, but with a different take on each challenge.

Drawing on the transformative power of V Energy, the first Hashtag Challenge tapped in the transformation trend that was taking over TikTok. Users were encouraged to take a sip of V energy and show their transformation from low energy to high energy which led to fun and playful content.

In an Australian FMCG first, the second #VMakeItHappen used a Branded Effect that allowed users to give the V hand signal, and a microphone and can of V Energy would appear. Spearheaded by TikTok creators, the challenge encouraged users to take part in a lip sync challenge that used famous inspirational speeches to encourage fun and positive vibes.

The Results

#VMakeItHappen was one of the most successful Branded Hashtag Challenges ever in Australia, resulting in more than 30.95 million impressions and 16.7 million video views. More than 2,800 videos were created using V Energy’s Branded Effect, and the campaign drove a 6.15% increase in brand awareness within the key audience.

The Branded Effect elevated V Energy’s Hashtag Challenge to the next level. Not only did many TikTok users engage with the official videos and user-generated content, they also created their own lip sync videos. The use of a microphone within the Branded Effect inspired many TikTok users to interpret the effect to match their own creativity. Many videos have used the "Big V Hand" effect to lip sync to popular songs on TikTok and other comedic lines for ongoing engagement with the brand beyond just the challenge.

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