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The Objective

Up is a digital bank designed to help take people to a happier place where they feel empowered and in control of their finances. TikTok's authentic community made it the perfect place to highlight Up's simple and straightforward mission to help make money matters easier for all Australians.

With this campaign, Up aimed to reach 18-34 year old Australians to build awareness and brand love, and specifically to reach people who were already interested in improving their relationship with money. They had already seen good results from TikTok's self-serve Ads Manager platform, and with this campaign they set out to achieve broader reach through a TikTok creator partnership and Spark Ads. Up also sought to drive messaging around its end-of-year campaign, "Up Year."

The Solution

Up partnered with @TashInvests, a popular Australian creator who shares personal finance tips with the TikTok community. Tash is known for her accessible style, making saving and investing feel simple and less intimidating. With #FinTok, #PersonalFinance and #MoneyTok currently trending, collaborating with Tash was a perfect way for Up to tap existing trends.

Up then used Spark Ads to take this creator-led content to the masses, and amplify the reach even further. Spark Ads are a native ad display format that allows businesses to boost their own organic posts or relevant content posted by other creators as In-Feed Ads or TopView ads in the For You feed among user-generated content. Partnering with Tash allowed Up to to organically join the conversation on financial wellness, while Spark Ads allowed the content to travel further with supporting media spend.

The Results

The campaign exceeded Up's expectations with over 1.5 million impressions on TikTok, and gaining end-of-year traction just in time for Christmas. The content was received positively with 36,000 likes, and although this was an awareness campaign, it also directly resulted in 76 installations of the app.

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