Driving awareness for French underwear brand Undiz and its latest collection.

The Objective

Undiz is one of the leading underwear, swimwear, and homeware producers in France, labeling itself as the brand for Generation Z thanks to its focus on fun and creativity. To announce the arrival of its new Elite x Undiz collection – a collaboration with hit Netflix show “Elite” – Undiz came to TikTok for help spreading the word to young people across the country.

The Solution 

Because Undiz releases a new collection every two weeks, timing for their launches is key – which is why they chose to partner with pioneering ad agency tigrz to create a One Day Max In-Feed Ad promoting their latest offering to young people in France. Sound-on and full screen, One Day Max In-Feed Ads appear alongside other user-generated content, and offer 100% share of voice for your brand name and a short description or call to action.

Undiz created a slick 15-second video shot at Las Encinas – the school setting of “Elite” – to reach users natively at the top of their For You feeds, complete with close-ups of the new products. A call to action at the end of the video then drove users to a shoppable collection page where they could explore the new range in full. Totally immersive and packed with style, the video provided an enticing look at the new products in their natural habitat, and proved irresistible for users across the country.

The Results 

Running for just one day on September 1, 2020, the Undiz One Day Max In-Feed Ad generated more than 5.6 million impressions and 5.25 million video views. Over 1.3 million viewers also watched at least 25% of the video, showing genuine community interest in the content. With almost 40,000 clicks and a click-through rate of almost 0.69%, this ad showed TikTok’s ability to drive interest and engagement for a brand, even in a short time frame.

Maylis Pagniez, Performance and Media Manager at Undiz said, "For the launch of our new Elite x Undiz collection, we identified TikTok as the best opportunity to address our core target audience, Gen Z. Once again, we were impressed by TikTok's ability to maximize our reach and enhance our brand image among this ultra-connected audience."

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