Raising awareness about the TIMVISION world amongst the TikTok community.

The Objective 

TIMVISION is an internet-based video on demand (VOD) service based in Italy. Launched in 2014, they offer the latest in films, sport, and entertainment for a huge Italian audience. To reach an even bigger audience with their service, TIMVISION launched an official profile on TikTok, employing some of our most effective platforms – and a lot of Christmas spirit – to spread the word. 

The Solution 

TIMVISION came to TikTok to launch their new profile at the perfect moment: the holiday season. Pairing up with some of Italy’s most popular influencers, they launched a series of videos packed with festive spirit and nostalgia, encouraging users across the community to explore more of their Christmas-themed content. 

Giulia Molino, Giovanni Arena, Marty&Yuko, Tasnim Ali, and Gabriele Vagnato all showcased their favourite festive moments – whether through reenacting their most-loved Christmas movies, or demonstrating their fun and unique methods of putting up the Christmas decorations. 

Using TikTok’s TopView, and both One Day Max In-Feed Ads and In-Feed Brand Premium Ads, TIMVISION displayed their message directly in users’ For You feeds – sound-on and full screen for maximum effect. A call to action then directed users to explore more content from the TIMVISION world on their newly launched profile. 

The Results 

Running from 21 December to 1 January, the TIMVISION campaign generated some truly impressive results amongst the Italian TikTok community. The campaign generated an incredible 57.5 million impressions and 6.1 million interactions while also seeing a whopping 10.7% engagement rate and a click-through rate of 9.32%. TIMVISION also saw an increase of 50,000 new followers to their profile in the two weeks the campaign was live. 

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