The AIR App

The AIR App

Building a Mighty TikTok Community and Driving App Installs using TikTok

The Objective

The AIR App is pioneering a combination of social networking and match-making capabilities for athletic opportunities, exposure, and recruiting. Their app provides athletes and coaches the ability to connect, promote and gain exposure in the pursuit of athletic development. Their mission is to allow athletes the opportunity to craft their unique narratives while helping coaches save time and access a valuable athletic talent pool. The AIR App team recognized an opportunity to use TikTok as a way to connect with student athletes and introduce the app through fun, engaging content. Their goal was to build a meaningful user base and cement their position as a leader in student athlete recruitment. 

The Solution

The AIR App created an App Install campaign to drive new user acquisition and leveraged organic content from select creators on TikTok as Spark Ads. Their campaign's key message aimed to encourage athletes to download the app through real testimonials and stories from athletes who've received offers by using the platform. They worked with popular creators such as Mr. Go 30 and College Athletes to create content and amplify the AIR app on TikTok. For their targeting, they chose to show their advertisements to male users ages 13-24.

The Results

The AIR app team recognizes TikTok as a creator-led platform where, when brands engage, the return is wildly successful. From this campaign only they were able to gain over 22M video views, allowing them to attain high-quality exposure and grow their community! They garnered 43K conversions at an impressive CPA of $1.60. They plan to continue running TikTok campaigns and scale their investment as their business grows.

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“TikTok is a marketer's dream. It has truly skyrocketed our growth and we have no plans of slowing down. TikTok is here to stay”
James Sackville
Founder of The AIR App