Leveraging auction In-Feed Ads to promote and land campaign messages

The Objective

Possessing Australia’s largest 5G mobile network, Telstra was keen to promote this technology and connect with the TikTok audience. A key component of the campaign was to drive awareness around the importance of having 5G coverage while ensuring positive sentiment on the platform. Often, the importance of coverage can be a hard message for Telstra to communicate, so it was a focus for this activity.

The Solution

The "Coverage Matters" tagline was an existing campaign that had previously leveraged user-generated content and stock videos to land the 5G messages. Leveraging TikTok creators was an evolution of this and brought the creative platform to life in a unique way that would align with their personal brands. With the creators spanning diverse TikTok communities including comedy, food and parenting, the videos connected with multiple audiences and celebrated the broad appeal of Telstra's 5G network. The creators included @cookingwithakoori, @benblue01 and @samanthaandrew1.

Each creator was challenged to respond to a broad brief that gave them the creative license to produce out-of-the-box ideas that would resonate with their community as well as a wider, mass-market audience. Collectively the creators developed a bank of content that appeared natively on TikTok and successfully landed the message around the importance of coverage. By creating TikTok-first content, Telstra connected authentically with several communities on the platform.

The Results

Putting some of Australia’s most well-loved creators at the centre of the content resulted in overwhelming positive sentiment – something that is an industry-wide challenge when delivering a campaign focused on 5G. The content was clearly popular with the community, as the six-second view-through rate was three times higher than the Australian benchmark.

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“Our Coverage Matters campaign was always about engagement first. The content needed to stand on its own and give our audience a reason to stop scrolling. That couldn’t be more true than on TikTok, which is why we partnered with creators – we knew they’d tell our story in a way that was most authentic and felt immediately native to TikTok. What we saw in return was outstanding engagement from our audience that drove wide reaching awareness of Telstra’s massive 5G coverage.”
Ori Fixler, Content & Channels Principal