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Helping leading European tech company Telecoming launch a new app to a young audience around the world.

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The Objective

Telecoming is a Madrid-based tech company that recently launched a new app – LIWE. Enabling users to create unique live wallpapers for their smartphones, LIWE was destined to be a big hit with Gen Z, which is why they came to the platform that’s closest to the hearts of digital natives – TikTok.

The Solution

Telecoming’s new app lets users craft custom wallpapers either by using amazing templates or by creating their own live wallpapers from their personal videos. There’s also an impressive library of wallpapers selected by artists, photographers and designers to choose from.

To engage with its audience in a meaningful way, Telecoming created a series of attractive In-Feed Auction Ads using TikTok Ads Manager. Featuring clips of their mesmerising wallpapers in action, these 10-second clips served the TikTok community a real-life view of the product – and also showed just how simple the process is to create your own.

Appearing natively in users’ For You feeds next to other user-generated content from across the community, the ads linked directly to a download page where the LIWE app could be explored and installed.

Auction Ads allow brands to reach the right audiences for the most efficient spend with the help of TikTok Ads Manager’s sophisticated algorithm. For Telecoming, this allowed them to establish an international app install objective, using different creatives tailored to different markets. Telecoming also became an MMP that has developed its own platform integrating TikTok's private attribution API.

Beginning with a generic install campaign in the US, similar to other campaigns that were created for English speaking regions, Telecoming then moved to an App Event Optimisation (AEO) solution, which saw its campaign optimised towards a deeper goal.

The Results

The Telecoming In-Feed Auction Ads outperformed all expectations for both the brand and the app, all while fulfilling the campaign budget in the most efficient way possible – with no duplicates across the audience. The campaign generated an incredible 13.6 million impressions, and a seriously impressive conversion count of 168,790. 

Raquel Conde, New Services Director at Telecoming, said, "TikTok is crucial for our international user acquisition strategy and our apps and creatives are now designed for the new Tiktok ecosystem.”

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