Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

Raising awareness for Tangle Teezer in the UK by inviting users to join the #Powersintheteeth Hashtag Challenge

The Objective

Tangle Teezer is a world-famous hairbrush brand, renowned for its innovative brush designs and their unparalleled ability to detangle and style hair without breakage or damage.

To promote their products in the UK and to further strengthen their brand's position as a leader in the industry, Tangle Teezer brought their latest campaign — "Power's in the Teeth" — to TikTok.

The Solution

We've all been there, with hair so wild you feel like you'll never get it tamed. That's where Tangle Teezer comes in. Their unique brushes can handle any kind of hair thanks to their innovative teeth design. To spread the message of their world-famous brushes and promote their brand, they called on the TikTok community to show how Tangle Teezer helps them tame their hair through a fun and engaging Branded Hashtag Challenge — #Powersintheteeth.

Supported by a 5-second TopView Lite (Brand Takeover) ad to announce the challenge, Tangle Teezer's campaign utilised TikTok's most popular format to create a viral brand movement that spread across the UK and beyond. Official videos were produced by some of the country's most popular creators to help kick-start the challenge, including @official_janina, @matthewandryanuk, and @sonna, which added a sense of authenticity to the campaign, spreading the word and boosting user participation as a result. Tangle Teezer also created official music to soundtrack the videos, adding to the immersive feel of the Hashtag Challenge.

From crazy bed-head catastrophes to knotted manes and impossible curls, the TikTok community came out in the thousands to show off their creative interpretations of this Hashtag Challenge, and once again proved TikTok's place as the leading destination for fun and joyful short-form mobile videos.

A One Day Max In-Feed Ad (shown for one day only) supported the Hashtag Challenge, displaying an extended version of the TopView Lite video alongside other content from across the TikTok community on users' For You feeds.

The video itself consisted of a 10-second clip showing one woman's typical bed-head morning routine — made all the easier with the help of Tangle Teezer — and was also soundtracked by the catchy Tangle Teezer music, adding to the impact of the ad and reinforcing the brand's presence. Tangle Teezer created a custom track inspired by best-in-class examples, taking time to find out what tracks perform well on the platform and get users engaged.

With further help from a banner on the Discover page, and a call to action directing users to take part through the Challenge Page, the TikTok community had a straightforward route to participate, which helped secure excellent engagement for the challenge as well as valuable brand exposure with Tangle Teezer's target audience.

The Results

Lasting for six days between April 8–13, 2020, the Tangle Teezer Hashtag Challenge was a huge success, yielding some incredible engagement and exposure for the brand amongst their target audience.

Close to 300,000 videos were created during the campaign, with an astonishing 364.5 million video views. Alongside the content, an engagement rate (total likes, comments, shares divided by video views x 100) of 13.76% was recorded, clearly demonstrating how impactful a Hashtag Challenge can be when the call to action is clear and its launch is supported with popular creators.

The accompanying TopView Lite and the One Day Max In-Feed Ad achieved more than 24 million impressions combined, comfortably achieving their benchmarks for click-throughs and successfully guiding thousands of users to the Challenge Page.

This Hashtag Challenge resonated so well with the TikTok community that it even spread organically beyond the target market of the UK. Impressive participation levels were recorded in the United States, Italy, and India, where millions of more video creations and views took place.

Tangle Teezer's TikTok profile also gained more than 1,500 new followers in just six days thanks to the challenge, securing a valuable base for TikTok user engagement in the future.

This fun and easy challenge found the perfect home on TikTok, proving the platform's ability to provide brands with a creative and authentic method of engaging with their target audiences.

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