Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Using TikTok creators and native B2B content trends to convert high value users

The Objective

Tailor Brands helps millions of aspiring business owners around the world launch their business in just a few clicks, with all the tools they need to look professional (an AI-powered logo maker, website builder, domains, and more) in one place.

Tailor Brands sought to expand its growth marketing efforts and test out a new approach with platforms like TikTok that offer massive exposure to a highly engaged audience. Since Tailor Brands' marketing activities are focused mainly on lower funnel performance results, the main objective for the campaign was increasing conversions (online purchases of brand design services).

The Solution

In order to maximize content efficiency, Tailor Brands decided to combine creator partnerships with massive user acquisition activities that drive performance.

As the first step, Tailor Brands partnered with relevant TikTok creators to create native content that would appeal to its primary audience - small and medium businesses. In order to leverage a native TikTok content trend that is already driving interest and user engagement, the brand asked the creators to produce videos featuring "small business tips" to share with the TikTok community. In just 6 weeks, Tailor brands successfully collaborated with 10 mid-tier creators, generating more than 20 hero assets.

Once the videos were created, they were sent, along with a dedicated coupon code for each creator, to the marketing team to be promoted as Spark Ads. Spark Ads is a native ad display format which allows businesses to boost their own organic videos or videos of creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads. In thise case, the videos were promoted at auction In-Feed Ads. All of the ads targeted relevant small and medium business audiences and redirected users to Tailor Brands' website for registration.

The Results

The combination of native Spark Ads, collaboration with relevant creators, and TikTok Ads Manager's targeting capabilities resulted in a highly effective campaign both for upper and lower funnel metrics. The campaign reached 7 million users and generated more than 9 million video views with an average click-through rate of 0.66%.

Most importantly, it generated impressive business results, including a 10.5% conversion rate (from visit to registration) - significantly higher than the average CVR of the brand's previous In-Feed Ads, which were not made by creators. In addition, the brand saw 9% growth in coupon redemptions and 12% organic uplift.

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“"TikTok has proven to be an effective addition to our marketing activities, helping us scale up and grow our reach, through both influencer partnerships and the platform’s targeting abilities."”
Yonatan Pesses, VP Marketing
Tailor Brands