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Attracting new users to a charity app with TikTok Creator Marketplace

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The Objective

Tab for a Cause is a socially conscious app that allows you to raise money for your favorite charity. To encourage people to spread the word and get their friends onboard during the holidays, Tab for a Cause pledged to plant a tree for each person that tried out the app. This company turned to the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM) to help get the word out to a young, tech-savvy audience on TikTok.

The Solution

Although this was Tab for a Cause's first venture onto the platform, the company focused on finding creators that consistently present a positive message in their content. TCM made getting in touch and vetting creators a lot easier with its convenient Creator Search Page and detailed Creator Profiles, which are extremely helpful for finding out the rough size and makeup of a creator’s audience.

TCM's helpful campaign managements tools allowed Tab for a Cause to easily get in touch with creators in a non-intrusive way and provide detailed information about the brand and its goals of the campaign. Tab for a Cause created a short brief with information about the company and the tree planting campaign, which the company sent to 10-20 hand-picked creators. For those that were interested, Tab for a Cause coordinated with them directly to worked out the creative details. After posting the video, Tab for a Cause also interacted with potential users in the comment sections of the videos, such as answering common questions.

The Results

This campaign definitely helped increase Tab for a Cause's brand awareness and drove a substantial number of new users in the days following the post, and the ROI was a clear positive. Almost 1/3 of the audience who viewed the video liked it and the average engagement rate has reached a transcendent number, 30.71%. Based on the success it had using TikTok creators to promote its app in an authentic and natural-feeling way, Tab for a Cause will definitely run more campaigns on TikTok

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