Generating awareness for its new service, Stadishopers TV, with fashion shoppers in Spain.

The Objective

Stradivarius is a popular women’s fashion brand in Spain synonymous with curating the latest trends to create new looks its fanbase loves. Having launched a new service offering fashion advice by influencers, called Stadishopers TV, the clothing brand sought to raise brand awareness for it.

The Solution

Stradivarius, in partnership with Adsmurai , used two brilliantly effective ad formats to hit its goal – TikTok’s attention-grabbing TopView format and a selection strategic In-Feed Ads. The mission was to promote Stadishopers TV, a new service that shows popular Creators and Stradivarius personal shoppers collaborating to find the best new trends. Shoppers can then buy the products directly after the video.

To maximise brand awareness, Stradivarius used TopView – displaying as soon as the app is opened, full screen and with sound on. It’s hard to miss. In conjunction, it also ran In-Feed Ads, which show natively in the ‘For You’ feed, giving brands a way to exist amongst some of the best organic content in the feed and deliver a more native feel to build engagement. This is a far more subtle approach – and both ads drive users to an external link, in this case to Stradivarius’s TikTok profile.

The creative focused on explaining how Stradishoper TV works, using three popular Creators to help explain the process. This gave access to a combined following of around 500K, providing a bump in reach and some familiar faces for users to recognise. The ads also used catchy music around fashion and outfit changes to keep users engaged, a popular TikTok trend. Smart.

The Results

The campaign was a big success, achieving a massive 14.02s average watch time and 16.21% engagement rate. It shows the TikTok community felt the buzz, connected with the idea and went on to find out more. Further proof? Stradivarius also put on over 12,000 new followers in two days. Mission success.

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