Increasing awareness for smart’s all-electric car range with digital natives in Germany.

The Objective

smart is an icon and stands out like no other brand for individual urban mobility. It prides itself on being one of the most forward-thinking, innovative and street-friendly automotive brands out there. It is the only brand that consequently abandoned the combustion engine in order to focus on electric engines only. It sought to spread the message far and wide, raising awareness for its all-electric range, with a new audience in Germany.

The Solution

To reach potential car buyers, brand fans and future consumers at scale, smart ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok’s most wide-reaching ad formats. smart ran #AllElectricNow, an extension of its multi-channel awareness campaign, inviting users to show their transformation and where they get their power and energy from. 

Revolving around a central challenge page, a Branded Hashtag Challenge pools user entries in one place and adds the hashtag to TikTok’s trending hashtag list. Additional ads, included in the bundle, send waves of traffic to the challenge, with smart running a TopView, One Day Max In-Feed Ad and Brand Premium In-Feed Ad to turbo-boost exposure.

To drive it home, smart dropped the campaign with the help of popular German Creators, giving users familiar personalities to engage with and inspiration for their own power transformations. smart’s creative concept was simple yet effective, based on the popular TikTok trend of outfit changes. The TikTok community engaged in their hundreds and thousands, from pacey dance move transformations to using electric-style effects.

The Results

This campaign had energy – driven by a community with creativity at its heart. The numbers surpassed benchmarks, amassing over 850M+ video views, and 199,000 individual video creations. In fact, the Branded Hashtag Challenge racked up over 40 million Discover page views too, showing that the next generation of car buyers are clearly interested in what smart has to offer; a greener, more sustainable electric car solution. And to top it all off, the feedback from the community was nothing but positive. Consider smart’s awareness charged and ready to go.

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