Capturing the attention of Gen Z while driving massive community engagement.

The Objective

Simmons, a 150-year old mattress brand, recognized that in order to win in the increasingly crowded mattress market, they would have to refresh and reintroduce their brand and align with the times. To do so, Simmons launched new playful, colorful branding in an effort to strike a chord with an evolved, modern consumer. Simmons identified TikTok as the perfect partner to introduce this fresh new look to young consumers. And with in-person music festivals canceled due to social distancing, the brand saw a perfect opportunity to inspire joy within our community while presenting Gen-Z with a refreshed identity. 

The Solution

Simmons, working collaboratively with agency partners and TikTok, launched the #Snoozzzapalooza Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok's premium Branded Solutions that is specifically designed for virality. This Hashtag Challenge encouraged our quarantined community to literally stage dive into a bed and unlock an imaginative festival experience in the comfort of their own rooms. 

TikTok identified a diverse group of Top creators to kick off the challenge. Creators chosen included comedians, dancers, athletes, and celebs to cast a huge net and inspire as much of the community as possible to participate. To drive maximum participation and awareness, Simmons equipped the #Snoozzzapalooza Hashtag Challenge with a fun, upbeat original track that got the community moving. Additionally, the Hastag Challenge came with essentially zero barriers to entry, allowing anyone and everyone to jump in on the fun. 

The Results

Each of the creators uniquely imagined the challenge, transforming their rooms and creatively using the platform to showcase their vision of the ideal at-home music festival. This resulted in over one million people creating more than two million videos, amassing six billion total views, and an engagement rate of 20%. The six-day campaign boosted brand engagement through creative participation, raised brand awareness among Gen Z on the platform, and spurred at +107% increase in traffic to week over week.

"Launching on TikTok was actually in our plans before COVID-19. The app's popularity has seemed to double in the past few months, and that surge has only validated our choice." said Andrew Long, Head of Marketing, Simmons.

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