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Reaching more e-commerce customers by experimenting with creatives and ad formats.

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20 %
Improvement in CTR
19 %
Decrease in CPA

The Objective

Shopee, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the Southeast Asia and Taiwan regions, offers an easy, fast and secure online shopping experience that makes online shopping accessible and enjoyable for its customers. To continue building its brand in Southeast Asia and maintain a foothold in the market, Shopee launched scalable user acquisition campaigns on TikTok.

Shopee was open to testing and experimenting with different types of ad creatives and ad formats in order to achieve the best possible results. Ultimately, Shopee wanted to scale its user acquisition campaign, while driving down the cost per acquisition and maintaining performance.

The Solution

Shopee's initial goal was to ensure a high click-through rate (CTR) and low cost per acquisition (CPA) for their campaigns. To increase the CTR, Shopee tested a motion graphic ad creative that resembled a typical mobile ad. But the data suggested that these creatives weren't scalable. Acting quickly, Shopee tested User-Generated Content as creatives, which proved to be more effective. Not only were CTRs increasing month-over-month, but this opened the doors for Shopee to scale its ad campaign. 

With improved creatives in hand, Shopee then turned its attention to optimizing the campaign's CPA by reaching as many audiences as possible at a cost that was better aligned with its efficiency goals. Therefore, they employed a Max Conversion (without bid) strategy. Max Conversion (without bid) is a brand new bidding strategy on TikTok that run ads without setting a preset bid price, but is optimized for the best cost per conversion. To ensure the success of this strategy, Shopee ensured that the creatives used were native to TikTok and included elements such as involving human models and trending themes. 

The Results

Shopee's willingness to experiment allowed it to find the optimal mix of solutions to scale its user acquisition campaign, all within budget. By testing different ad creatives, Shopee saw a 20% increase in its ads' CTR, while adding MaxCV without Bid to the mix decreased the campaign's CPA by 19%, resulting in an optimized budget that was well spent.

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