Sephora SEA

Sephora SEA

Supplying high-performance creatives to a beauty retailer with the TikTok Creative Program.

The Objective

Sephora, a global retailer of leading beauty brands, has long used TikTok to build awareness and excitement around its brand. However, as eager as TikTok users are known to be, brands still have to be fresh and different to remain relevant. Sephora had its eye on creating an even stronger presence in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia with the aim of increasing app installs, but the brand needed creatives that resonated to scale its advertising on TikTok in these countries.

The Solution

Consistently drumming up relevant content in three separate markets isn't easy. That's where our TikTok Creative Program comes in. With this program, TikTok supplied Sephora with unique user-generated content and human-centric video creatives each week. Each video's closed captions were also localized specifically for each of the three markets, all focusing on human-centric and UGC style videos. Over the course of a month, TikTok's SEA Client Solutions Team partnered with official TikTok Creative Marketing Partner, Naisu - a creative studio that specializes in brand activation, brand management and promotion, to produce a total of 12 creatives for Sephora. This meant three unique creatives per week and this was in addition to the brand's own set of creatives.

With a consistent supply of creatives, tailored for multiple countries, the brand was able to extensively test ad groups across these regions. This made it easier to find the creatives that best resonated in each market while gaining valuable data and insights into how to scale and optimize their campaigns. The TikTok Creative Program also took care of a major pain point in a multi-country campaign by decreasing the performance results between regions.

The Result

Think of the TikTok Creative Program as a way to cover for a brand's blind spots. For Sephora, a fresh perspective is exactly what the brand needed. Despite targeting 3 separate markets, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia, the new videos created were localised to better suit Sephora's diverse market portfolio leading to the performance difference between markets being as low as 17.99%. Sephora was also able to achieve its goal of increasing app installs as seen by scaling conversions by 4.13x and driving a 134% higher conversion rate. This was a win-win across the board.

For more information about the TikTok Creative Program, please reach out to the TikTok For Business team.

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