San Saru

San Saru

Driving new conversions and sales through Shopify for Spanish jewellery brand San Saru.

The Objective

San Saru is a jewellery e-commerce website focused on social networks, offering different, unique and soulful jewellery. Each piece is unique and special and is the representation of one’s lifestyle, materialized in an eternal object. With the objective of increasing sales and boosting its brand profile, San Saru came to TikTok to run an exciting campaign through our brand new Shopify integration.

The Solution

Through our partnership with Shopify, merchants can now create and run video ads on TikTok without leaving their Shopify dashboard. Shopify merchants can create, manage and track the performance of their TikTok campaigns that have the potential to reach TikTok’s community of 100 million across Europe.

For San Saru, this meant the brand could reach and monitor a huge new audience without ever leaving Shopify. San Saru deployed two campaigns using In-Feed Ads through the newly integrated TikTok Ads Manager sales channel in Shopify. Serving as both a real-life look at some of its beautiful products, as well as an introduction to the brand, the ads drove to the San Saru website where additional content and jewellery could be explored.

Sound-on and full-screen, In-Feed Ads appear for users alongside other content from across the TikTok community, offering 100% share-of-voice for your brand name and a short description or call-to-action. Totally authentic and packed with style, the San Saru ads provided an enticing look at the brand’s products while encouraging users to find out more.

The Results

The San Saru campaign generated some incredible results during the time it was live. Yielding a 346% increase in sales, San Saru was able to reach a new audience directly from its Shopify dashboard – perfectly integrating the campaign with the brand’s day-to-day e-commerce operations. The campaign itself was also highly cost effective – delivering a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 175%.

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