Samsung Poland

Samsung Poland

Giving users the freedom to express their creativity while promoting a new phone.

The Objective

After noticing how much hate and negativity there was on the Internet, Samsung was determined to create a positive campaign for the launch of its new Galaxy A smartphone in Poland. The brand wanted to give users the opportunity to create positivity, acceptance and appreciation, even for the smallest things, because at the end of the day… we're all awesome!

So Samsung launched a video-focused campaign to promote the Galaxy A with one goal in mind - to give users the freedom to show their unique talents and express their creativity through short form video content in a positive environment. Sounds like the perfect job for TikTok.

The Solution

Samsung launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge called #YOUAREAWESOME. The premise of the campaign was for users to showcase their true passions, hidden talents, unique skills and whatever else makes them truly awesome. Even the smallest, least obvious talents were encouraged to be shown off in order to celebrate with each other in a positive way. Samsung also offered exciting prizes to six lucky winners of the challenge - the latest Samsung Galaxy A phones as well as an opportunity to shoot content with three top creators who helped activate the campaign. Samsung gained additional brand exposure by producing an original soundtrack for the challenge that had a very energetic feel to it.

The Results

Samsung’s Branded Hashtag Challenge exceeded all expectations. The hashtag #YOUAREAWESOME was viewed more than 157 million times during the 6-day duration of the campaign. Later throughout the lifetime of the hashtag page, organic views rose to an impressive 580 million. The campaign also inspired a massive amount of user-generated content with over 174,000 creations, greatly exceeding benchmarks.

*Data Period: October 26-31, 2020

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