Samsung Israel

Samsung Israel

Launching the new Galaxy Note 20 with the help of Israel's top TikTok creators.

The Objective

For the launch of the new Galaxy Note 20 in Israel, Samsung wanted to create a unique experience that would resonate with Gen Z and communicate the product's unique selling points in a fun and engaging way rather than doing another standard commercial.

The Solution

Samsung partnered with TikTok to launch a new cross-screen web series called "AllForYou". The format brought together nine of Israel's top TikTok creators to stay together, eat and create awesome content together using the new Galaxy Note 20, in a one-of-a-kind villa created to inspire creativity!

The first eight TikTok creators were chosen carefully to represent diversity and different content categories on the platform, then to make it more interesting, Samsung launched an audition challenge on TikTok to find the ninth creator who would join the project

In order to connect to TikTok's unique culture, the format was based on different challenges. Each day, two creators were given an assignment to create a viral video for TikTok in 90 minutes with the help of the rest of the gang. Every task was designed to showcase the unique features of the Galaxy Note 20 while spotlighting the creativity of the creators.

When the mission was complete, the video was uploaded to TikTok to face the ultimate test - was it good enough to appear in the For You feed? To help the contestants, we brought in three mentors, all of whom are leading TikTok creators in Israel, to share their tips and best practices for TikTok's content creation.

The series contained eight ten-minute episodes that were later aired on Samsung’s YouTube channel redirecting viewers to a dedicated TikTok account to watch the final outcome.

To promote the project to the TikTok community on a larger scale and attract followers to the new "AllForYou" TikTok account, Samsung used two premium ad formats, TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ads, providing maximum exposure in a minimum amount of time.

The Results

The campaign was a massive success, garnering 6.8 million views on TikTok and 1.5 million views of the series on YouTube. With a 30% engagement rate, the campaign smashed all benchmarks, while the new TikTok account went from zero to 30,000 followers in just few days

The project attracted lots of curiosity from the local industry and was featured in two media articles on leading channels. In addition, the project was presented as a unique collaboration in Israel's annual Gen Z marketing summit hosting 400+ marketing professionals.

Ronen Salem, VP Marketing of Samsung Israel, said, “Samsung Israel is leading the innovation in all Marketing activities in Israel, and are always the 1st to create unique and pioneered content. The brand partnership with TikTok, which is the 1st since they entered the Israeli market, brought great value to the brand and the activity itself.

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