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Introducing a young Austrian audience to the new Samsung Galaxy S20 phone.

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The Objective 

Samsung, one of the world’s leading electronics and mobile phone providers, was looking for a way to promote their latest phone model – the Galaxy S20 – and its high-powered camera to young people in Austria. And thanks to the important role phones and their cameras play in the TikTok community, Samsung knew it was the ideal platform to deliver their message.  

The Solution 

When you’re trying to make a big impact, a TopView ad is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. This premium placement is the first video a user sees when opening the app, and offers the largest possible canvas to convey your message. Occupying the whole screen for up to a minute, TopViews allow brands to deliver the purest expression of their creativity.

Samsung created four stunning videos featuring user generated imagery of the beautiful Austrian landscape. Each as impressive as the last, the videos demonstrated the technical capabilities of the Galaxy S20 phone and its camera. From its impossible “Space Zoom” to the impressive 108 megapixel clarity, each video encouraged viewers to “learn more” and follow a CTA button to the Galaxy S20 page on Samsung’s website.

Complete with a bespoke, high-energy sound clip that played across all four videos, the slick visuals showed Samsung’s latest offering in a seriously engaging package, and thanks to the embedded nature of TikTok TopView, high levels of user impressions were guaranteed.

The Results

Running for five days across Austria, the Samsung TopView campaign yielded some seriously impressive results for the short duration it was live. More than 6,712,000 impressions were recorded during the campaign, with an engagement rate of 22.83%. Across the five days, the average click-through rate was 21.94%, which shows the content truly resonated with the target audience.

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