Royal Essence Australia

Royal Essence Australia

Growing online sales through TikTok's beauty and self-care community.

The Objective

Royal Essence is an online retailer offering premium, high-quality scented candles and bath products, crafted and blended locally in Australia using carefully-selected fresh ingredients that are ethically sourced, 100% vegan, and safe to use. Royal Essence's mission is to improve customers' wellbeing through unexpected surprises: bundled inside each handcrafted product is a piece of sterling silver jewellery waiting to be discovered. Seeking to reach new customers, they turned to TikTok, where beauty and self-care communities thrive. 

The Solution

Royal Essence's first TikTok campaign was aimed at driving awareness and growing online sales. They wanted a specific action from users seeing ads: to click through, land on the website and complete a purchase. To this end, a conversion campaign was developed, using In-Feed Ads to appear natively within the target audience's For You feed. Rather than develop ad creative from scratch, Royal Essence curated highly engaging user-generated content in a style popular among target audiences on TikTok, in which users hold the camera to a product that they love and talk through its benefits. Not only was this simple and cost-effective to execute, but it fit seamlessly among organic content and added to the native feeling of the campaign. 

The Results

The native, on-trend content used in this campaign made it a huge success, achieving an impressive 2.22% clickthrough rate with over 50,000 unique clicks. The In-Feed Ads generated more than 2.2 million impressions in total, and led to over 300 conversions among the target audience. Royal Essence's strategic use of user-generated content showed that TikTok ad campaigns don't need to be expensive to be effective - sometimes all it takes is a little creative thinking! 

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