Helping a leading German drug store chain promote their apprenticeship program to a Gen Z audience.

The Objective 

ROSSMANN is one of the leading drug store chains in Germany, and has more than 4,000 stores across Europe. To give their ongoing apprenticeship recruitment program a boost, they came to TikTok for a fun and informative campaign that would spread the word to young people across the country. 

The Solution 

ROSSMANN partnered with the agency W&S Epic. to create a fun and informative video that presented the different working opportunities at their stores, focusing on what makes them special. 

And to make sure as many young people as possible caught a glimpse of their ad, ROSSMANN chose TikTok’s highly effective One Day Max In-Feed platform. This premium placement is the fourth video a user sees when scrolling through their For You feed, nestled amongst other content from across the community for a truly native feel. 

From interacting with ROSSMANN’s leading cosmetics lines, to manning the shop floor, to operating the checkout, the video offered a lighthearted glimpse at the day-to-day tasks involved in the apprenticeship program, all set to an upbeat soundtrack. 

At the end of the video, a call to action directed users to a ROSSMANN landing page, displaying more information on the program and how to enroll. 


The Results 

This ROSSMANN recruitment campaign was the perfect match for TikTok, and with its lighthearted and creative video, felt right at home on the platform. 

The One Day Max In-Feed ad went live on 30 January 2021, and generated some impressive results. The engagement rate across the campaign was well above the benchmark at 2.68%, while the click-through rate was 0.19% – also comfortably above the average. 

Coupled with an average watch time per person at 4.65 seconds, it's clear to see that ROSSMANN’s content resonates well with the TikTok Germany community. 

A representative from ROSSMANN said, “Anyone looking for new trainees should design and place calls for applications in such a way that they actually reach and appeal to Gen Z. From this perspective, TikTok is one of the most relevant platforms in trainee marketing for us."

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