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preading joy and inspiring brand affinity by recognising mothers nationwide with a Branded Hashtag Challenge

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The Objective

How does a classic department store giant get love from the next generation of shoppers? RCHLO’s marketplaces are a key destination for sourcing popular fashion trends, but the on-trend brand wanted to connect with a younger audience on TikTok on the occasion of Mother's Day.

The Solution

RCHLO worked with its long time partner and strategic agency i-Cherry, and TikTok to develop a campaign that celebrates mothers being the first influencer for everything one does, with music and dance. RCHLO launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge that leveraged a custom song the brand commissioned featuring the lyrics, “aiaiai come and show how you do it.” #Aiaiaiai invited the community to bring in their children or mother and show off their fun dance moves

The brand partnered with a group of popular creators, including Giovanna Ewbank, Sabrina Sato, Thaynara OG, Thay Bergamin, Talitah Sampaio and Naiumi Goldoni; each participating in the challenge with their own creative dances, using in-app features that added nuanced flair to their performances. RCHLO leveraged the creators' TikToks for its TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ads to amplify their reach and drive participation for the movement.

The Results

The challenge inspired more than 1.1 million people to join in and create TikToks. The campaign videos saw positive user sentiment, with people expressing love and adoration that resulted in a 6X increase in followers. The campaign made a big impression, gaining a massive young audience of brand advocates visiting the RCHLO marketplace, overall delivering phenomenal lift in brand metrics.

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When we thought about making a Hashtag Challenge, we had our proprietary music, a good protagonist and great TikToker with native content but we never imagined it would be the success it was! We had an increase in 6X the volume of followers in our organic profile, an engagement rate on the Hashtag Challenge page of more than 13% and not counting the number of views of the page itself, which was more than 1.4 billion during the six days of action. After this experience and what we are building in this partnership, all our campaigns rely on TikTok media in all the steps of the funnel, because with this we have an increasingly assertive strategy.

Glaucia Segatti, Manager

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