Driving full funnel business results for Latam's leading super app.

The Objective

Rappi, one of world's fastest growing "super apps,' is an on-demand marketplace where urban commerce can thrive. With Rappi, customers have access to a vibrant ecosystem of goods and services, entrepreneurs can grow their businesses, and people can convert time into flexible income.

Recognising the power of the young and digitally native TikTok audience, Rappi turned to TikTok as a new channel for maximising reach & new user acquisition. With a combination of native in-feed formats that offer reservation and auction buying options, the objective was to move the needle on both upper and lower funnel metrics.

The Solution

In order to maximise reach, Rappi started by running three One Day Max In-Feed Ads. With 100% SOV, this full-day, video format offers a premium placement and native opportunity without intruding the on the For You experience. In the second phase of the campaign, the brand shifted its focus to driving installs and purchases with In-Feed Auction Ads, aimed at converting and retargeting the users reached in the first phase of the campaign.

In terms of creative approach, the ads were thoughtfully curated to give the users a native TikTok experience - highlighting the key features of the app with situational and problem-solving storytelling featuring authentic creators popular in the region. This approach made the ads convincing, attractive & engaging. All of this was paired with a prominent call-to-action driving users to the landing page.

The Results

The Rappi campaign achieved impressive results across the funnel. The One Day Max In-Feed Ads gained 61 Million impressions, over one million clicks and an engagement rate of 7%. The auction ads over nine days contributed to 2% of total january installs, only to quadruple in February. These ads saw a significant decrease in CPI of 37% MoM & -40% when compared to other paid social media channels.

"As a deeply creative channel, TikTok allowed us to reach a young, digital native audience with content that looks nothing like conventional advertising & to our satisfaction, this fresh approach to digital ads translated into impressive business results," said a representative from Rappi.

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