Rai Cinema

Rai Cinema

Raising awareness for the movie release of “After 2” and leveraging organic engagement.

The Objective

Italy’s national broadcast provider, Rai, also owns Rai Cinema -  01 Distribution, a film and TV distribution company providing popular movies to film lovers everywhere in Italy. When it came to raising awareness for the Italian release of romantic drama“After 2” with millions of digital natives, it turned to TikTok and its highly engaged community.

The Solution

To reach movie fans at scale, Rai Cinema - 01 Distribution opted to run a TopView, displaying the trailer for the much-anticipated “After 2” film. The organic popularity of “After 2” means that a simple trailer was enough to garner mass attention. However, the TopView format itself is also hugely eye-catching: it fills the entire screen upon opening the app and autoplays with the sound on. It means total brand equity in the palm of someone’s hand.

In fact, the movie was so popular that, alongside the TopView, a wave of organic activity began to flourish. Rai Cinema - 01 Distribution also created the #After2Challenge in collaboration with popular Creator, Martina Socrate (900,000+ followers), in which users had to answer questions about romantic movies to prove if they liked the genre. The challenge was replicated and used by many more key Italian Creators after this, reaching an audience in excess of five million followers.

The Results

The TopView drove an impressive 15.1+ million impressions and generated a click-through rate of 18.17%, both well above benchmarks. The ad’s engagement rate hit 19.62% and showed that passionate fans of the “After” series liked, commented and shared the trailer. Additionally, the organic activity based around the #After2Challenge was used over 280 times by popular Creators, and the hashtag amassed 900,000 views.

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