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Creating hype and driving traffic to PUMA’s new Mayze sneaker

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9.4 %
Increase in Purchase Intent
10.2 %
Increase in Familiarity
13.5 %
Increase in Ad Recall

The Objective

PUMA has a long history of making products for some of the fastest athletes in the world while also creating sport-inspired lifestyle products for the street. PUMA wanted to re-engage a younger female demographic and shift the way the audience thinks about the brand with the launch of their new Mayze sneaker. PUMA looked to TikTok to reach young trendsetters in an authentic way to drive traffic and purchase intent for the new shoe.

The Solution

PUMA designed the fashion-forward Mayze for youthful females with an eye for style. The brand partnered with well-known musician Dua Lipa as the face of the sneaker to help put the sneaker in the limelight. To take it further and reach mass awareness, PUMA paired the pop star’s fame with the popularity of TikTok to create a campaign designed to drive demand.

The campaign leveraged In-Feed Ads to maximize cost efficiencies while driving traffic to Foot Locker’s website where viewers could purchase the product. PUMA's ads followed creative best practices such as leveraging sound, creator influence, brand cues, and focusing on a specific product. For example, the creative featured Dua Lipa and her hit song “Don’t Start Now” as the camera zoomed in on her PUMA gear and the Mayze sneaker.

In-feed video and TikTok’s sound-on environment helped get the attention of music-inspired TikTokers while Dua Lipa inspired fans with her creative influence. The power of sound on TikTok is an influential tool for brands like PUMA, especially regarding purchase intent. According to a Kantar study , 88% of TikTokers reported that sound is essential to the TikTok experience, and 73% of respondents said they would “stop and look” at ads with audio. And with Dua Lipa in the mix, the influence of sound and artistry is undeniable.

The Results

The high impact influence of Dua Lipa combined with the efficiencies of In-Feed Ads proved to be a powerful traffic driver to the new sneaker. The campaign delivered 16 million impressions with more than 112,000 clicks to the product on Foot Locker’s website. Moreover, the campaign significantly outperformed TikTok’s cost-per-click benchmark by optimizing for traffic.The campaign didn’t just drive traffic, though. The Dua Lipa In-Feed Ads turned heads and caught TikTok users' attention leading to notable ad recall and increased purchase intent. A post-campaign Brand Lift Study showed a 13.5% increase in Ad Recall, +10.2% in Familiarity, and 9.4% increase in Purchase Intent. Puma is focused on the next generation of music and style, and young purchase-ready trendsetters are all ears.

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PUMA supported the White Mayze colourway on TikTok at the largest investment across all other social platforms. The campaign performance alongside Brand Lift Study results were deemed to be incredibly successful for the brand and PUMA Canada is excited to showcase this performance through a platform case study. Highlighting PUMA Canada’s performance in this way will only further excite the brand to continue its partnership with TikTok for future considerations


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