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PUBG Mobile Vietnam

Promoting an exciting in-game event through a highly successful combination of branded solutions.

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229 M
Video Views
14.4 M
90 K
Videos Submitted

The Objective

PUBG Mobile is a classic battle royale game that is played and loved by millions of gamers worldwide. With competition among battle royale titles heating up, PUBG Mobile sought to grow its community. Critical to its strategy was reaching the right target segment, and making sure that PUBG Mobile was top-of-mind among audiences. To do so, VNG, PUBG Mobile's publisher in Vietnam, decided to tie its campaign to a brand new update consisting of an exciting in-game event. Its aim was to get all existing gamers and even non-gamers to take notice, participate and play PUBG Mobile to rapidly drive up engagement with the brand.

The Solution

At the top of PUBG Mobile's goals with this update was to maximize reach and engagement. To do so, PUBG Mobile launched a celebrity-led #chaybodensang (Run To The Light) Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok.

The campaign challenged participants to duet and outrun (in place) and outdance Jack, a famous Vietnamese celebrity. The best videos could win a series of attractive prizes including an exclusive PUBG Mobile x Jack merchandise (phone case or T-shirt), personally signed by Jack himself. Of course, not to forget the PUBG Mobile outfits, participants could don the iconic pan, bulletproof vest and a Level 3 Helmet through a TikTok Branded Effect. This Hashtag Challenge was in-line with the brand's latest in-game event which rewarded players for accumulating long distances by running in the game. For every kilometer that a player ran in the game, PUBG Mobile would donate 1 VND to a charity fund.

With a clever Branded Effect, catchy Branded Music and engaging Branded Hashtag Challenge in place, all that was left was a firestarter to ignite the campaign. The answer was a coordinated TikTok ad campaign using Auction Ads. PUBG Mobile ran In-Feed Ads using the Video Views objective to raise awareness and reach of the challenge, while Brand Takeover ads were not only useful for encouraging visits to PUBG Mobile's profile and increasing its follower count, but they also motivated users to join in on the viral challenge.

The Result

Hosted by VNG, PUBG Mobile's campaign, which consisted of a clever mix of celebrity collaboration and branded solutions, was a huge success. With 90,000 video submissions, it was just what the brand needed to drive massive engagement and views. In just six days, the combination of the Branded Hashtag Challenge and In-Feed Ads brought over 40,000 new followers to PUBG Mobile's profile, with 229 million video views and 14.4 million engagements.

"Through TikTok, we were able to reach users in Vietnam in a truly unique and impactful way. We are thankful for the support of the TikTok For Business team in helping to make this campaign as successful as possible" said Tam Duong Chi, Marketing Manager, PUBG Mobile Team.

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