Princess Polly

Princess Polly

Boosting online sales and multiplying ROI with discount codes for fashion-forward TikTok users.

The Objective

Princess Polly is an online fashion retailer beloved among fashion-forward Australians, delivering apparel and accessories to customers domestically and around the world. Their products are inspired by the latest trends in fashion, street style and pop culture, allowing them to be the go-to place to shop the newest looks for the fashion-obsessed. Princess Polly is aligned with youth culture and values in its no-photoshop policy and its emphasis on ethical and sustainable fashion. For this campaign, the brand was looking to drive new audiences to purchase online and be able to measure the impact of their ad spend. 

The Solution

Princess Polly ran a discount code campaign using auction ads with a traffic objective. This aimed to promote the brand to reach a wider audience, drive more web traffic to its e-commerce site, and ensure that improvement in sales could be directly attributed to TikTok by calculating the revenue gained from customers using the unique discount code. 

The ad creative was playful, authentic and unique, aligning with Princess Polly's brand personality and the ethos of the TikTok community. Kim Zorn, Digital Marketing Manager, explained, TikTok’s ad products allow us to be creative in our communication and reach Gen Z and Millennials  in a way we haven’t done before on other channels."

The Results

Princess Polly's TikTok campaign was one of their highest-performing discount codes ever, generating over nine million impressions, 1.05% click through rate and an impressive 15X return on ad spend -- Digital Marketing Manager Kim Zorn was "blown away" by the results. The TIKTOK20 discount code meant that purchases driven by the campaign were easily tracked and measured.

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