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Introducing POCO's updated flagship smartphone in Egypt with a Branded Hashtag Challenge.

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The Objective

It had been more than one year since last POCO phone was launched in Egypt. In October 2020, POCO team was preparing to launch their updated flagship smarthphone, POCO X3 NFC, to the Egypt market.

The object was to generate product awareness and drive deeper market penetration for the POCO X3 among digital natives in Egypt. Already known for its affordable yet top-of-the-line specs, POCO wanted to emphasize the X3’s other selling points—its high-end gaming features and fast-charging battery.

The Solution

There’s no doubt that creators on TikTok love music. Knowing this, POCO launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge called #أنا_وینر (translated to #IAmAWinner), featuring original branded music from hot, up-and-coming local band, the Sharmoofers. The track, created exclusively for the campaign, was catchy and upbeat, and sure to get stuck in your head.

POCO didn’t forget about the visual component. A Branded Effect was employed for the Hashtag Challenge that emphasized POCO X3’s “super power”— its high-end gaming features. Plus, POCO X3 could be fully charged in just a matter of minutes. Besides, what's better than laser beams that shoot out of a user’s palms? With the Branded Effect, users could briefly live out their fantasy of being a super hero.

To ensure visibility and encourage participation in the campaign, POCO also launched a series of In-Feed Ads and TopViews to promote the Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The Result

The #أنا_وینر Branded Hashtag Challenge blew past engagement and participation benchmarks. Engagement rates were also through the roof with 20 million engagements. In total, the #أنا_وینر Hashtag Challenge reached 62% of TikTok’s Egyptian user base. It seems POCO’s hidden “super power” in its promotion strategy was its #أنا_وینر TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge.

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