Raising mass awareness for PizzaExpress’ vegan menu through-out the UK

The Objective

PizzaExpress is a British multinational restaurant group, known and loved through-out the UK with over 350 restaurants that value great food, evocative music, and distinctive design. The brand came to TikTok to raise mass awareness for their delicious vegan pizza range.

The Solution

PizzaExpress wanted to generate more authentic content by using the most native In-Feed Ad format we offer: Spark Ads. Spark Ads enable businesses to boost their own organic posts or the content of other Creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads placed in the For You feed among user generated content. 

PizzaExpress partnered with Creators @thelittlelondonvegan, @veganluke and @veganbeautygirl, who were a perfect match for this campaign. Together they produced videos showcasing the range of mouth-watering options on the PizzaExpress vegan menu, keeping them humorous, engaging, fun and totally native to the platform.

The Results

The PizzaExpress campaign used Spark Ads perfectly – utilising user-generated content to reach their target audience in a totally authentic way. As a result of their seriously native feel, the ads saw over 2.6 million 6 second video views and PizzaExpress increased its TikTok followers by over 9,000. To top it all off, the brand ran a brand lift study which revealed an 11.1% lift in ad recall and a 4% lift in brand preference.

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