Generating widespread brand awareness and engaging with a new generation of photo lovers.

The Objective

PhotoSi is an Italian photographic printing company known for turning your memories into keepsake objects, prints, photobooks, greeting cards and calendars. In other words, it ‘prints emotions’. In order to boost its brand awareness, expand its acquisition channels in both Italy and Spain, and engage with a new potential target market – Gen Z – PhotoSi turned to TikTok.

The Solution

PhotoSi ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge called #ReviveconPhotoSi, which called on the TikTok community to capture themselves recreating a photo from their childhood memories.

A Branded Hashtag Challenge blends reach with engagement, filling the feed with thousands of user entries. All these entries are housed on a central ‘challenge page’, alongside a description and external link. The hashtag also sits within TikTok’s trending hashtag list and additional ads send even more users towards the challenge. In this case, PhotoSi ran a suite of In-Feed Ads to support the campaign, all boosting exposure for the challenge. These did so well, PhotoSi went on to use the TikTok Ads Manager platform to run its own Auction Ads, in partnership with REPLUG , with the aim of increasing downloads and purchases of its app. The combination of micro-influencers in both countries and aggressive A/B testing of creatives led to an improvement of its Cost-per-Install of about 75% compared to other traditional performance channels.

PhotoSi launched the Hashtag Challenge campaign using a host of 12 popular Italian and Spanish Creators across its two key markets, paving the way for explosive engagement and massive exposure among their existing followings. The creative was also clever, anchoring itself in nostalgia by asking users to recreate a memory. With a photo print in shot too, the brand got maximum product placement, ensuring the campaign was remembered alongside the brand name.

The Results

The results were astounding – over one billion video views and 12 million users reached. This was a campaign that clearly hit the mark with Gen Z, encouraging the community to engage on a vast scale. Over 380,000 user-generated videos were created showing that PhotoSi managed to capture the imagination of its new target market.

Within the Auction Ads campaign PhotoSi ran on top the campaign, the creative reached over 12 million users and pulled in over 248,000 clicks. The community couldn’t wait to test out the app and, best of all, the auction campaign led to a 25% purchase rate and PhotoSi saw an incredible 54% decrease in CPA.

Products Used
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TikTok For Business

Branded Hashtag Challenge

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