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Driving app installs and subscriptions while reducing production costs with Spark Ads

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27.5 %
CVR for App Install
50 %
Decrease in CPA
37 %
Increase in Organic Uplift

The Objective

Photomyne is a digital memories photo-app suite with millions of users worldwide. It enables users to digitally scan and capture entire photo albums, photo slides and old camera film negatives in minutes, with more than 225 million images scanned and captured by app users. For this campaign, Photymyne was looking to launch its Business Account on TikTok, and generate brand awareness and app installs while improving cost efficiency.

The brand wanted to test a new format called Spark Ads to scale organic creatives and drive higher adoption of the app. Spark Ads is a native ad display format for businesses who are looking to promote their own organic videos or to amplify content from creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads.

The Solution

For performance-driven brands, production costs are managed carefully and creative efficiency is constantly tested. Photomyme wanted a new way of creating high-performing content at low production costs while increasing app installs. To achieve these goals, Photomyne used TikTok Creator Marketplace to partner with creators on Spark Ads.

The company explored collaborations in several relevant categories (mainly: DIY, Art, Tech, and Family & Parenting), reaching out to creators from the US, UK and Germany to match their audience and business activity. All creators were given a very broad brief, leaving as much room as possible for their voice and authentic creation. Within less than one month, Photomyne collaborated with 10 mid-tier creators and generated 12 organic posts at a low average cost per video.

Once the videos were ready and live, Photomyne began serving the best performing videos as Spark Ads via TikTok's auction platform in order to maximize targeting capabilities and reach.

The Results

The innovative approach resulted in a 5X increase in video views and 2X increase in engagement. Kicking it off with TikTok creators, Photomyne saw a 9.2% engagement rate on creator videos and a 37% organic uplift during the campaign, which lasted one month. Best of all, the brand's video production costs decreased by 28% per month. Photomyne also achieved an impressive 27.5% conversion rate for app installs and was able to decrease Free Trial CPA by 50%.

TikTok allowed us to extend our marketing reach farther and wider to additional demographics and geo locations. This unique, creative social network made a significant impact on the Photomyne brand and helped in making our app suite truly viral. We’re excited about our continued investment in TikTok, and view it as a powerful and effective advertising platform.

Nir Tzemah, CEO

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