Pepsi Romania

Pepsi Romania

Moving the party online with a summer-long Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The Objective

For decades, Pepsi has inspired generations to have fun through iconic partnerships and entertainment moments. Pepsi wanted to show that, despite changing contexts, things that are inherently cool and fun will continue to be that way across generations.

Summer 2020 was especially difficult for Pepsi as it wasn't able to reach consumers through its famous live events. But the brand still wanted to connect with its audience in a meaningful way, so it decided to move the party online – a party where everyone’s invited, with special guests and surprising performances from top artists. To help make that a reality, Pepsi turned to TikTok, a platform where everyone has a voice and a venue for creative expression.

The Solutions

Pepsi challenged five top music stars to re-record a hit song from the past that would fit the tastes of today's generation. The cover songs, released by Pepsi Retro Studio, were a pivotal part of the campaign and provided the spark for #SiIeriSiAzi, the longest running Branded Hashtag Challenge in Romania.

The challenge called on users to show off their best party moves to the newly released tracks. The vibe of the challenge would change as each new song was launched on TikTok. This helped ensure continuity and that Pepsi and the TikTok community would continue partying throughout the summer. Pepsi also offered the TikTok audience new and surprising content – getting them involved by dancing, moving and sharing these moments with the world.

Because this campaign ran throughout the entire summer, it required a strategic approach from both Pepsi and TikTok. With each new song launched by Pepsi, TikTok launched a corresponding hashtag challenge which was activated by TikTok content creators. Influential creators would start a challenge using the #SiIeriSiAzi hashtag and invite users to the party using the latest Pepsi Retro Studio song. The campaign was also amplified with the help of TopView ads, which drove users to the challenge.

The Results 

The party was a wild success, generating more than 102 million video views and attracting an engagement rate of more than 9.5%. Additionally, tens of thousands of TikTok users shared their fun creations along with the respective songs.

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