Pepsi MAX

Pepsi MAX

Generating wide-spread awareness for Pepsi MAX in the lead up to the Christmas period.

The Objective

Pepsi MAX needs little introduction. It is the fizz-popping, taste rocking, sugar-free cola drink, loved by many around the world. Leading up to the Christmas period, Pepsi MAX aimed to raise awareness and generate buzz amongst digital natives in The Netherlands.

The Solution

When you’re looking to reach a large audience quickly, TikTok’s TopView solution provides huge reach in a format that’s impossible to miss. Appearing immediately for TikTokers as they open the app, TopView ads are immersive, sound-on experiences that occupy the whole screen for up to a minute.

For Pepsi MAX – they used a TopView to burst into For You feeds with an eye-catching product placement, using their slogan "Out with the old. Taste the BOLD!”. Because this is a brand well-known and loved by so many, when a refreshing product shot like this drops, it captures attention instantly. The ad then clicked-through to a Pepsi MAX landing page, reminding the TikTok community that it was time for a Christmas refresh.

The Results

The Pepsi MAX TopView performed incredibly well. In the one day it was live, it saw an engagement rate of 22.71%, and resulted in an astonishing click-through rate of 21.75% showing that viewers were highly interested in interacting with the creative. The TopView also achieved over 5 million impressions, which was well above the benchmark.

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