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The Objective

As Canada's leader in plus-size fashion, Penningtons is committed to being the customer’s partner and advocate for body diversity and size acceptance. The brand strives to empower women to embrace fashion as a form of self-celebration and give women the opportunity to compliment their curves with trend-right fashions and unparalleled value. With its newest summer swimwear collection recently launched, Penningtons was looking to raise awareness for its products.

The Solution

Penningtons leaned into TikTok's creator community in a big way with this campaign, partnering with a creator that they believed aligned with their values. The brand worked closely with Canadian creator Alicia Mccarvell to bring awareness to its line of swimwear while remaining authentic to her true content style. The creative featured her trying on different Penningtons swimwear outfits while sharing her story of how she was able to gain the confidence to get back out in swimwear. Her powerful messages of self love combined with her amazing creativity and wit made her a perfect ambassador for Penningtons new swimwear line.

The brand invested media dollars to amplify these powerful messages to a larger audience but ultimately the creator partnership is what enabled the client to reach its campaign goals and acted as a building block for future campaigns.

The Results

Needless to say this campaign went swimmingly! Working with a TikTok-fluent creator was a clear indicator of success for Penningtons. The client reported that the content on TikTok received a whopping 53% more comments, 18% more likes and 55% more views than on other platforms, according to the brand's internal metrics.

In addition to this tremendous result, Penningtons also measured an increase in positive sentiment within the comments section leading to an elevation in brand perception, overall increased brand engagement, as well as an increase in swim sales. This performance was measured against Penningtons' historical TikTok benchmarks for previous Video View campaigns.

The performance of this campaign has served as a strong catalyst for increasing Penningtons TikTok presence especially highlighting the tremendous value of working closely with TikTok-fluent creators.

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