Launching a 5G network and grow their TikTok account at the same speed.

The Objective

Leading Israeli telecommunications provider Partner was looking to make a splash with the launch of its new 5G network. Alongside a massive TV campaign and other traditional media, they were looking for an innovative solution to connect with the audience 5G would matter the most too - digital natives.

The Solution

Partner sought to demonstrate the the benefits of upgrading from the current 4G network to the incredible new world of 5G with a new brand slogan, “Hello Future.” To do so, they ran a TopView campaign, created and run by McCann TLV & UM Digital Tel Aviv , recreating a nostalgic, well-known Israeli song, using new lyrics describing the world of 5G. The song was then translated into a TikTok style dance encouraging the audience to join in and interact with the clickable music. 

As one of TikToks most effective formats, TopViews dominate the entire screen, giving brands complete visibility upon app opening, with no other distractions present. It autoplays with the sound on, catching the attention of the viewer immediately, generating a major uplift in brand awareness and high engagement rates. 

The Results

Partner received a massive exposure of 4.3 million impressions, reaching 1.1 million unique users in a single day! The TopView redirected the audience to Partner’s TikTok account, which experienced significant growth with more then 7,300 new followers in just 24 hours! Thus, the TopView campaign generated long-term impact alongside with the campaign's primary goal of introducing the 5G network.

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