Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix

Launching Parc Asterix’s official TikTok account and raising brand engagement for a key cultural activation in its marketing calendar.

The Objective

Parc Asterix is a theme amusement park in France, based on the popular French comic book series Asterix. It’s also the country’s second largest theme park where visitors can share together 47 attractions and shows. Parc Asterix aimed to launch its official TikTok account and raise engagement for a key park activation in its calendar, Halloween.

The Solution

To foster deep engagement with potential and existing fans, Parc Asterix ran a suite of In-Feed Ads. In-Feed Ads run natively in the For You feed, feeling subtly organic and in the best position to encourage engagement.

Parc Asterix collaborated with two well-known French Creators to create a fictional story around the park’s Halloween-themed special event, “Peur sur le Parc.”

To identify the right creators, Parc Asterix used TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, a place where brands can discover and connect with over 30,000 creators across the globe. The platform offers creator audience insights such as demographics, location and age, as well as detailed information of video performance and engagement.

The two Creators, Victor ( and Antton (@anttonracca), released ‘episodes’ of their adventure, interacting with one another’s content as they went and creating a narrative for users to follow. Not only did this give Parc Asterix access to a combined following of 2M+ followers but it also helped to develop truly organic authenticity. And the TikTok community loved it.

The Results

The campaign was a massive success, reaching over two million users in just seven days. As testament to TikTok’s smart algorithm, the creative also delivered a cost-per-user of just 0.0025EUR. As a result of the creative, users also stuck around to watch for longer, with a huge 26% of views resulting over six seconds. The end game was to launch Parc Asterix’s official profile, and the theme park added 1,000 new followers in under a week.

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