Leveraging creators to spread the word about PaintYourLife's amazing customized portraits.

The Objective

PaintYourLife is the world's leading online service for creating custom hand-painted portraits that are painted by real artists. The portraits are usually ordered as unique personalized gifts for holidays, birthdays or anniversaries, or as a way of preserving memories, such as a pet that has passed away. PaintYourLife's main goal for this campaign was to use the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM) to boost sales of its hand-painted portraits.

The Solution

PaintYourLife was looking for as many creators as possible with a preference for creators with families. Luckily, TCM offers a super-convenient Creator Search Page for clients to browse and filter potential partners. So, by searching under the Family & Parenting category, PaintYourLife was able to quickly identify creators who have newborns or toddlers in the home. While they did look at the number of followers each creator had, the content the creators could provide was way more important to the brand.

Creators were asked to shoot a video after receiving portraits completed by PaintYourLife's talented artists in charcoal, watercolor, pastel, and pencil—and creators were willing to do so. So far, @isloveuk @martinjennaaccount @mikeferg @hannahandsky @mamadebruin have all made videos, several of which have already gone viral.

The Result

The campaign was a success, with the five videos generating more than 770,000 video views, 120K likes and a 13% engagement rate. The TikTok Creator Marketplace allowed PaintYourLife to quickly and easily find and cooperate with a targeted group of creators, resulting in authentic content that resonated with its target audience. On the back end, TCM's convenient campaign reporting page allowed PaintYourLife to easily measure the impact of the post and gain insights for future campaigns.

PaintYourLife loves TCM. The brand's marketing manager, Johnny Barrett, said, "It’s a great tool to help with influencer marketing. It’s free, it has a huge database of creators and one of the most important things is that it shows campaign metrics."

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