Generating awareness and engagement amongst the Swiss TikTok community.

The Objective

Ovomaltine was first introduced in 1904 as a revolutionary beverage that offered strength-enhancing properties for anyone in need of a boost. First adopted by sportsmen and women, the drink took Switzerland by storm, then quickly spread around the world. At the beginning of 2021, Ovomaltine wanted to promote its #easywinter campaign far and wide, and came to TikTok to create an eye-catching video that would grab the attention of young people across the country.

The Solution

When you’re looking to reach a large audience quickly, TikTok’s TopView solution provides huge reach in a format that’s impossible to miss. Appearing immediately for users as they open the app, TopViews are immersive, sound-on experiences that occupy the entire screen for up to a minute.

For Ovomaltine, they paired up with freeskier Andri Ragettli to create an ad that would truly stop people in their tracks. Holding an Ovomaltine drink while performing a jaw-dropping stunt on the ski slopes, Andri organically posted the video to his 1.9 million followers for maximum authenticity. Ovomaltine then used the video to kick off the brand’s #easywinter campaign with the support of its agency, Jung von Matt Impact Switzerland.

A “Learn more” link drove users to an Ovomaltine landing page where they could learn more about the campaign and explore all of the brand’s tasty products.

The Results

The Ovomaltine #easywinter campaign performed incredibly well, thanks in large part to its genuinely native feel. By using organic content for a TopView, Ovomaltine received highly positive reactions from the Swiss TikTok community – resulting in an engagement rate of 19.89%, as well as many positive comments that the video looked different than normal ads.

“When an ad is not perceived as an ad, that is exactly what the community on TikTok is looking for. Thanks to the collaboration with Andri Ragettli we were able to repurpose the organic content without having any additional effort and see great results,” said Sarah Baur, Brand Manager at Ovomaltine.

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