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18 %
Conversion Rate
46 %
2-Second View-Through Rate
3.1/8 s
Average Video Viewing Time

The Objective

Founded in 2018, OKXE is a Vietnamese e-commerce marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of new and second-hand motorbikes. As stated in their mission “Supporting your driving, since 2020,” OKXE has added further value by providing road users with gas station and garage locations on their website. 

With the aim of increasing its revenue and offering users a better experience, OKXE developed a mobile application in 2020. OKXE now had a new marketing focus: attracting more users and increasing the number of mobile application downloads. This became further complicated in September 2020, when running ads became challenging and unstable due to local policy changes. Amidst these obstacles, TikTok For Business became an excellent partner for OKXE.

The Solution

TikTok In-Feed Ads were an ideal match for OKXE. To increase the number of application downloads, TikTok helped them approach a potential target audience group in the 18 to 44-year-old age bracket.

OKXE saw success by creating engaging ads, especially using images and sound to drive audience engagement. TikTok Ad Manager’s suite of Creative Tools helped OKXE save time and money producing ad creatives.

“Using creative tools from TikTok Ads Manager to create video ads is quite simple and helps save thousands of hours working on a computer. What is more, the abundant sound and picture effects allow users to create a wide variety of different videos,” said Nguyen Viet Duc, Marketing Manager at OKXE.

The Results

By using TikTok Ads Manager, OKXE achieved outstanding breakthroughs. The brand saw an 18% conversion rate, driving qualified viewers to download the app and rank higher in the market. Their ad creative also captured the audience’s attention - achieving a 46% view through rate, with the average viewer watching 3.1 seconds of the 8-second ad. 

“Although I have had lots of experience using marketing tools from various platforms, TikTok still surprised me with its simple and easy-to-use interface... TikTok is really a life-saving platform with high ROI and effectiveness. We will definitely be using TikTok’s ads platform in the future," said Nguyen.

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