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OCBC NISP Bank Indonesia

Challenging Indonesia's youth to save their daily pocket change through a Branded Hashtag Challenge



943 k
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873 M
Video Views
11.1 %
Increase in Ad Recall

The Objective

It's easier than ever to shop right from your phone, but for young people today, saving money is more of an afterthought. To tackle this issue, OCBC NISP Bank wanted to get the Indonesian youth to be more financially responsible, starting with a change in their daily habits by saving some pocket change for a rainy day. OCBC NISP Bank not only sought to reach young Indonesians and educate them to be more mindful of their spending, but the bank also wanted to build awareness and engagement for its brand. 

The Solution

For OCBC NISP Bank, a Branded Hashtag Challenge was the right solution to achieve these goals, while also ensuring that its message would resonate and result in a higher brand recall. With this in mind, OCBC NISP Bank challenged Indonesian youths to save 20K rupiahs per day with the launch of its #Save20 Hashtag Challenge.

With the help of Branded Effects, OCBC NISP Bank gave participants a sneak peek at the result of having 20K rupiahs a day saved away. By gesturing to one of three hand gestures, the Branded Effect would pop up and display one of three outcomes: a trip to Paris; a business opportunity that lands them on a “30 under 30” list; or an opportunity to buy a big ticket item such as jewelry. The message was clear cut – save and you’ll reap the benefits.

OCBC NISP Bank worked with six popular Creators to amplify the campaign. These brand ambassadors set the tone to showcase just how creative participants can get with their video submissions. The resulting videos were used as the official creatives for OCBC NISP Bank to promote the Hashtag Challenge throughout TikTok. 

To warm up and tease audiences ahead of the Hashtag Challenge, OCBC NISP Bank deployed a series of branded solutions including TopView, In Feed Ads and Brand Takeovers. These helped to creative significant buzz and reach, setting the stage for the #Save20 Hashtag Challenge campaign. But they didn't stop there. To convert and retain prospective customers after the three-day campaign, OCBC NISP Bank also used Auction Ads which continued to drive new audiences and participants to the challenge for months.

The Result

As one of the first innovative user-generated campaigns launched on TikTok in the banking industry, OCBC NISP Bank's #Save20 campaign garnered more than 873 million video views from 943,000 videos submitted by 409,000 unique participants. It also enjoyed a large boost in ad recall of 11.1%. In fact, in the same brand lift study conducted, when comparing those who hadn’t been exposed to the campaign with those who had, awareness for the brand also increased by 5.4%.

With a traditional bank running a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok, it was a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression among Indonesia’s youth. Not only did the campaign increase awareness amongst its target, it also managed to encourage new, healthy and actionable fiscally sound habits that just might last a lifetime.

*Note: As of 2022, all financial services in SEA are required to add 18+ / 25+ Age Targeting to the applicable ads.

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