Driving online sales for Oatsome with young digital natives in Germany.

The Objective

Oatsome, one of Germany’s most loved health food brands, is known for its delicious breakfast Smoothie Bowls and Bliss Ball snacks. Its mission is to create healthy breakfast and snack options with minimal preparation time so they can fit into anyone’s schedule. As big users of TikTok and frequent posters on their profile , Oatsome aimed to reach an even bigger audience and drive online sales from the platform.

The Solution

Oatsome ran In-Feed Auction Ads in order to reach its objective. Targeted, scalable, and cost efficient, In-Feed Ads allow brands to place their videos within a TikToker’s personalised For You feed so they appear natively alongside user-generated content. Sound-on and full screen, they can be accompanied by the brand name and a short description or call to action to click through.

Oatsome created engaging yet extremely native ads showing someone reaching for their ‘Conny Cashew’ Bliss Balls, and biting into the soft cocoa-cashew shell to reveal the delicious core which consists of cashew butter. The perfect snack!

Oatsome tracked the progress of the campaign using the brand new TikTok integration with Shopify . The integration allows you to connect your TikTok Ads Manager account, install your pixel in one click, set up your payment, create TikTok conversion campaigns thanks to the video generator tool, and most importantly, convert TikTokers into customers, all without leaving the Shopify platform.

The Results

Oatsome’s In-Feed Ads performed exceptionally well with a massive 93.8% of customers acquired through TikTok purchasing for the first time. The ads also received a 1.43% conversion rate.

Marc Garbella from Oatsome said: Of all the customers we have acquired via TikTok, 93.8% bought from us for the first time. For us, this shows that we can target customers with TikTok Ads that we could not reach with our performance marketing before. That is why TikTok will definitely be of relevance for us as another channel in our marketing mix in the future. Overall, it can be said that with TikTok we were able to buy low-cost traffic and clicks on the website.

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