Nue Noble Fai Chai - Wang Lang

Nue Noble Fai Chai - Wang Lang

Driving awareness and consideration for a newly-opened condo in Bangkok using TikTok For Business.

The Objective

Noble Development is one of the leading property companies in Thailand. It is best known for offering properties in Bangkok’s most desirable locations and designs residences that are uniquely different, each catering to a different lifestyle demand.

The brand wanted to promote its newly opened “Nue Noble Fai Chai – Wang Lang” condo that had just hit the market in Bangkok. The perk? It’s attractively priced at 1.99 million THB, making it a steal for younger home owners. To build awareness and consideration for Nue Noble Fai Chai – Wang Lang amongst a fresh and younger audience base, the brand turned to TikTok For Business.

The Solution

Noble knew that TikTok was the right platform for them to reach their desired goals. For starters, TikTok ticked off all the right boxes. It reaches the brand's desired younger target audience, and the brand's existing thematic video creatives that were already on hand could be easily repurposed to be used on TikTok. Not to mention, TikTok has a reputation for driving maximum visibility for brands. So with all things considered, Noble launched a reach objective campaign using In-Feed Ads.

But before the campaign could go live, their creatives needed a few tweaks. The brand’s video was originally designed for a horizontal format (16:9), whereas TikTok hosts short-form vertical videos. Then, there was the issue of the video’s length. At 43 seconds, Nue Noble had to trim this down to 30 seconds in order to keep it concise and engaging for the target audience. The original track also needed to be swapped out for a more upbeat and engaging track. Finally, to track consideration, Nue Noble Fai Chai – Wang Lang strategically placed sales messages throughout the video. Not only were these sales messages shown earlier in the video, but it was also added as an overlay in lieu of the subtitles. To top it off, the end of the video displayed a prominent call to action. With these adaptations and optimization of their existing creative into a TikTok friendly format, Noble immediately saw the results.

The Result

Although a condo isn’t typically an impulse-driven purchase, Noble's campaign on TikTok achieved outstanding success. Noble achieved a 20% lower CPM, with 6-second view-throughrate skyrocketing by 82%, and more importantly, the ads drove a 15% increase in click-through rate.

"Advertising on TikTok is now creating a huge opportunity for brands who looking to diversify their presence across social media and engage their brand's consumers in a unique and creative way," said K. Nopparit, Vice-President, Noble Development.

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