NRW Police

NRW Police

Helping NRW Police run an engaging recruitment campaign aimed at a young audience

The Objective 

Germany’s North-Rhine Westphalian (NRW) Police Force has been active on TikTok organically since early 2020 – picking up on creative trends with their fun and informative videos. With a steadily growing following of hundreds of thousands of users across Germany, NRW Police decided to run a recruitment campaign to raise awareness of their force and inspire young people to join.

The Solution 

NRW Police, in partnership with FYNAL Agency, used one of TikTok’s latest ad formats – Spark Ads. Spark Ads enable businesses to boost their own organic posts or the content of other creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads placed in the For You feed among user-generated content. Available as both auction ads (as was the case here) or reservation ads, Spark Ads possess multiple interactive features, such as the ability to click the “+” sign to follow the account directly or swipe left to visit the profile page, whilst a prominent call-to-action button takes users to an external landing page where they can learn more about the product. 

Using an "always on" approach to their ads, the force’s recruitment campaign ranged from humorous boosted videos of real members of their team to polished recruiting assets, and continued to strengthen their following on the platform.

The Results 

The NRW Police campaign resonated extremely well with the TikTok community. Their most recent flight of ads delivered an amazing click-through rate of 1.65%, driving thousands of potential recruits to their website, all with a cost per mille of just 1.28€.

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