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Engaging the small business community on TikTok and making custom, sustainable packaging accessible through fun and authentic content

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The Objective

Noissue makes custom and sustainable packaging accessible for retailers, makers and businesses of any size. Its products follow a circular framework of compostable, recyclable or reusable construction, allowing brands the flexibility to implement the best eco-friendly options for their budget and business model. The company offers low order minimums, so smaller businesses and entrepreneurs can construct incredible and branded unboxing experiences with custom, creative packaging that won’t break the bank or harm the earth. Brands only need to upload their logo or a custom design to create beautiful and sustainable packaging through an easy-to-use online design platform.

On TikTok, @noissueco quickly gained organic traction upon the account’s launch and has since grown to over 300,000 followers in less than a year. Noissue created an organic TikTok Business Account to grow its brand and better understand the interests of its small business community. It's also building products and programs designed to help entrepreneurs creatively connect with conscious consumers, and the brand continues to expand itself as a platform where budding businesses are growing. Through educational and creative TikTok content, noissue bridges the gap between the creator economy and access to beautifully designed packaging products. The brand aims to continue its rapid growth on TikTok with a community-driven approach to reach new customers looking for quality, sustainable custom packaging.

The Solution

Noissue launched its official TikTok Business Account in 2020, setting the standard for showcasing products and engaging with the community through organic, "pack with me" style content from small business owners. Since then, noissue’s account has grown significantly in following and in the variety of content produced, from captivating ASMR-style videos and customer spotlights to trending onto the For You page using popular sounds, filters and more.

Since the launch of its TikTok account, noissue has successfully tied its content to its brand proposition by showcasing the different kinds of unique and creative custom packaging that customers have created. The brand frequently shares how to properly use, reuse, recycle or responsibly dispose of its sustainable products in approachable and high-quality content. Every video on it account is intentionally compiled to appeal to both existing and new customers through down-to-earth, aesthetically pleasing, and compelling packaging videos.

Popular sounds and hashtags related to the small business industry frequently appear in noissue’s TikTok content, garnering impressive views and audience engagement through positive comments and duets. While the brand often creates exciting evergreen content, it also makes a tremendous effort to produce well-timed seasonal content, such as spooky-themed videos during Halloween and inspirational holiday packaging posts.

Noissue also ran Spark Ads through TikTok Ads Manager to better engage with the TikTok community, boost awareness and drive follower growth. The brand targeted custom audiences across multiple markets based on re-occurring campaign engagements, helping spark relevancy throughout TikTok’s small business, entrepreneurial and creative communities.

The Results

Since joining TikTok in 2020, noissue has achieved significant reach and awareness through its Business Account profile, gaining more than 300,000 followers and 1.2 million likes across the brand's 100+ videos. Noissue is an excellent example of how a small-to-medium-sized business can effectively leverage Business Accounts to grow their brand presence on TikTok, engage and interact meaningfully with their communities, and provide fun and authentic content to new and active followers.

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