Newton Baby

Newton Baby

Leveraging funny creators to spread the word about Newton's revolutionary crib mattress.

The Objective

Newton Baby is best known for its award-winning crib mattress, the only 100% breathable, 100% washable, 100% recyclable crib mattress available. The Newton crib mattress gives parents the peace of mind they need while delivering safer, healthier and better sleep to their babies. In order to reach a massive potential audience on TikTok, Newton Baby decided to run paid influencer campaigns through TikTok's easy-to-use TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM).

The Solution

Newton Baby wanted to bring to life some of those real, messy parenting moments in a humorous, fun, and wholesome way, while highlighting the benefits of the mattress. The brand's mandate as they planned their TikTok campaign was to create entertaining, relatable content which capitalized on Newton's unique feature set and brand values.

TCM offers a super-convenient Creator Search Page for clients to browse and filter potential partners. By searching under the Family & Parenting category, Newton was able to quickly identify funny creators who have young children in the home. At the same time, Newton Baby used TCM's easy and convenient short lists to further segment and save creators, and help narrow the search.

In this case, creators were selected based on their sense of humor and relatable personality, coupled with the criteria of 100,000+ followers and a minimum of 20,000 average views per video. After identifying creators that aligned with the brand, invitations were sent to briefly introduce the brand and explain its content goals. A campaign brief with additional details was included with the invitation as well.

In the end, 15 invitations were sent out, 9 creators responded and three (@tayandthetwins, @thecarlinfamily, @mollythemom) successfully completed partnerships.

Newton Baby's exceptionally high response rate and successful collaboration rate were the result of numerous TCM best practices, including:

  1. Providing clear and detailed information about the brand, product and features they wanted to highlight.
  2. Outlining the anticipated content strategy and goals for the campaign.
  3. Sending sincere invitations to high-potential creators, including a detailed collaboration routine.

The Result

The campaign was a huge success, yielding an eye-popping engagement rate of 19.44% across all videos. Even the number of positive comments exceeded expectations. On the back end, TCM's convenient campaign reporting page allowed Newton Baby to easily measure the impact of the post and gain insights for future campaigns. By partnering with creators through TCM, Newton Baby was able to produce entertaining content that is highly relevant to its TikTok audience, while at the same time, proving the channel's viability and relevance to the brand's core customer base of new and expecting moms.

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