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The Objective

In order to spread awareness among the Gen Z community around the latest New Balance 574 sneakers, New Balance teamed up with Polish marketing agency Space Cat Industries to produce a a comprehensive campaign that not only leveraged TikTok's innovative advertising formats, but also made use of TikTok's highly engaged creator community.

Convinced that our platform would bring strong results, New Balance also worked with TikTok to prepare a Brand Lift Study to show that the campaign was actually working, delivering not only massive reach, but also brand-oriented metrics such as awareness and ad recall.

The Solution

New Balance and Space Cat Industries decided to divide the campaign into a few simple steps. First, they partnered with a select group of creators to produce a series of videos published organically on their individual TikTok accounts. Next, New Balance boosted the creators' videos as Spark Ads, a native ad format that allows brands to promote the content of other TikTok creators as well as their own organic content as TopView or In-Feeds among the user-generated content of the For You Feed. In this case, the brand boosted the videos as In-Feed Ads.

New Balance complemented the Spark Ads with Diversion In-Feed Ads (non-Spark Ads), launched via TikTok's self-service platform. The entire campaign was carried out on Gray Day, an important brand event that celebrate's New Balance's iconic gray colorway. This helped boost the effects of the campaign even further. The last step was to measure all of the results with the first ever Brand Lift Study in Poland for a campaign bought via auction.

The Results

Results exceeded everyone's expectations. Thanks to the clever use of TikTok creators, their accounts and creativity, New Balance was able to achieve 6% lift in awareness, and 6.6% lift in ad recall according to a Brand Lift Study. This is straightforward proof that the smart use of TikToks community and ad solutions can result in outstanding achievements, not only in terms of reach, but also brand awareness and other brand-focused metrics.

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