Raising awareness for the Netflix Christmas miniseries ÜberWeihnachten, along with their wider portfolio of Christmas classics.

The Objective

To raise awareness for ÜberWeihnachten and Netflix’s broader repertoire of Christmas specials, the popular streaming service came to TikTok for a special festive campaign that would encourage the TikTok community to interact with the shows in a fun and creative way. And when it comes to inspiring fun, creative moments amongst Gen Z and Millennials, Netflix knew a TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge was the only platform to choose.

The Solution

The video streaming giant kicked off its first Christmas Hashtag Challenge with one ambition: to spread creativity, bring joy, and get the German TikTok community interacting with Netflix's selection of holiday Christmas films.

The Branded Hashtag Challenge, called #NetfliXmas, called on all users to show how they were celebrating Christmas in this unique year, while raising awareness for both the new Christmas miniseries ÜberWeihnachten, and Netflix Germany’s wider portfolio of Christmas classics.

With some of TikTok Germany’s top Creators (such as @saintlinh, @dodipi and @jennyandmarco) leading the way, the campaign was instantly transported into the hearts and minds of users across the country. Through fun and engaging creator content tagged as official videos, the campaign’s authentic feel inspired the whole community to compare their own holiday celebration with their favorite Christmas scenes.

To give the campaign a boost of visibility, Netflix reposted official creator content as In-Feed Ads, displaying the #NetfliXmas challenge in users’ For You feeds.

The Results

Netflix Germany’s campaign was a huge success, and their fun, clear, and easy-to-follow challenge led to record-breaking results. In just two weeks, more than 1.2 billion video views were recorded.

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