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Promoting a new skincare brand jingle with a Branded Hashtag Challenge

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The Objective

Indonesian skincare brand Natur-E was eager to drive awareness for its new brand jingle, and with a new generation of consumers growing up with TikTok, this was the chance to make a splash. To keep things authentic, the brand wanted the campaign to inspire the same feelings of happiness as its products do. Natur-E also wanted it to create a lasting and memorable impression with the TikTok community, based on user participation and meaningful brand engagement.

The Solution

To achieve its goals, Natur-E decided to run a fun and interactive Branded Hashtag Challenge. To kick off the #MulaiDari100 campaign, the brand partnered with five popular Indonesian TikTok creators. Each released a video of themselves performing an original dance routine, set to Natur-E's energetic new jingle. With a catchy soundtrack and trendy moves, users were compelled to join in on the fun.

The challenge itself was captivating, but Natur-E wanted to keep driving participation beyond the dance so it offered some enticing incentives. Users who created the five most popular videos each week would win a prize, with top creators receiving an additional bonus. This structure was a clear win-win for Natur-E and participants, as it helped energize and inspire users to create captivating videos for the campaign.

To complement the challenge, Natur-E ran Brand Takeover and One Day Max In-Feed Ads. The placement of the ads was timed to coincide with the first few days of the campaign. The challenge was also featured in a Banner and as a part of the # In List on TikTok’s Discover page. This drove extra visibility to the challenge during its crucial early stages.

The Result

Natur-E’s Branded Hashtag Challenge exceeded expectations. The campaign drew over 30 million views to the #MulaiDari100 page. Over 1 million users participated in the challenge, creating more than 2.79 million videos. These videos also enabled Natur-E to reach 544 million engagements across all videos, which boasted a grand total of 4.68 billion views. Natur-E set out to captivate its audience, but ended up achieving much more.

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