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Keeping Singapore's toilets clean through an engaging Branded Hashtag Challenge

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The Objective

In the current climate where upholding a high standard of public cleanliness is key to minimising the spread of diseases, Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA) formulated a musical reminder, as part of its Public Toilet Cleanliness (PTC) initiative, to engage youths on the topic and tap on their creativity to co-create user-generated content that encourages good toilet habits and helps keep public toilets clean and hygienic.

The Solution

The campaign leveraged one of TikTok's most popular trends: viral dance challenges. For the #LooJamChallenge, NEA collaborated with local actress and singer, Siti Khalijah, to deliver the key message of toilet hygiene in a quirky and memorable manner. Delivered as a mash-up of singing and rapping, Siti urged the public to flush, clean the seat, throw litter in the bin, and dry surfaces that have been made wet.

This was accompanied by four simple dance moves that were catchy yet easy to replicate; encouraging viewers to submit their own personalised dance routines. By using simple, easy-to-remember lyrics and dance moves, the challenge proved to be a major hit.

To further drive reach and participation for the challenge, NEA also ran a Topview ad to capture users' undivided attention by being the first thing that they see when they log onto the app. To further drive visibility and virality, the #LooJamChallenge was also featured on both the banner carousel and trending hashtag list on the Discover tab, driving users to the HTC page.

The Results

During the campaign, which lasted from October 16 to October 21, NEA saw more than nine million impressions across the different ad formats, 390 unique videos created, and more than 4.5 million video views for the Branded Hashtag Challenge. The success of the campaign can also be seen in the average watch time of each video ad per person, which was an impressive 12.6 seconds long. Even the music from the official video also performed well with 5.01% engagement, exceeding benchmarks. Even though citizens might have dismissed the idea of clean toilets in the past, NEA’s catchy campaign has them embracing the concept of hygienic and spotless lavatories.

TikTok has allowed us to better reach youths in a dynamic and creative way through Loo Jam. This being our first foray on the TikTok platform, we are pleased with the high engagement rate for Loo Jam

Lim Jing Ting, Director of 3P Network Division, Public Engagement Group
National Environment Agency

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