My Jolie Candle

My Jolie Candle

Driving qualified traffic to increase e-commerce sales in France through TikTok Ads Manager.

The Objective

From hand-crafted scented candles and bath bombs to bespoke Parisian jewellery, My Jolie Candle is a French wellbeing brand "rooted in an approach of infinite creativity." Of course, this made TikTok the perfect platform upon which to run a suite of creative ads to drive a sustained boost in sales leads to its e-commerce site in France.

The Solution

My Jolie Candle designed a suite of elegant and creative In-Feed Ads for a campaign around gifting its products on Mother’s Day. It used TikTok’s auction platform, TikTok Ads Manager, to launch the campaign during one of the brand’s busiest cultural moments. My Jolie Candle aimed to reach millions of women on TikTok, in a broadly targeted audience set, as Mother’s Day approached, whilst using retargeting for those who had landed on its site within the last two weeks. It excluded women who’d already started shopping at My Jolie Candle.

TikTok’s auction platform offered the perfect solution because, with biddable In-Feed Ads, brands can target, retarget or exclude highly-specific audiences, at scale. The key is that auction ads are paid for using bids – the maximum cost per outcome a brand is prepared to pay – within a set budget per day or campaign. Once these targets are set, TikTok’s Ads platform algorithm finds the best way to spend it to reach the campaign’s goal. It means brands can control their costs, whilst reaching the right audiences, for the minimum or most efficient spend.

The creative video assets combined glossy footage with My Jolie Candle products, in a range of different scenarios – from seeing a "Wonder Mom" to using split-screen edit techniques, faux text conversations and still product pictures with animated text. All landed a simple but effective call to action to "Shop Now," and sent users to an e-commerce landing page. By getting hugely creative with its ads, My Jolie Candle was able to capture and hold attention, whilst delivering its key messaging, all within 30 seconds. And, after all, isn’t creativity what this brand is all about?

The Results

My Jolie Candle’s campaign crushed its benchmarks, driving 49+ million impressions and an impressive 0.49% click-through rate. This delivered well over 200,000 clicks on the e-commerce landing page and over 1,800 conversions. It shows auction ads can be a highly-effective way at reaching new audiences at scale and injecting a purposeful boost in conversions during big cultural moments that drive sales.

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